Azuline Duo

“With beautifully intuitive interplay from a duo that clearly enjoys playing together, this was a captivating performance that brought the audience to its feet.” – Guelph Connections

Azuline Duo brings together award-winning young musicians Emma Rush (guitar) and Sara Traficante (flute). Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the duo performs regularly throughout the region and beyond. Although both artists are highly sought after soloists, Azuline Duo showcases their abilities as ensemble players, bringing the rich and diverse sound worlds of the guitar and flute together to form one harmonious voice.

In their programs, Azuline Duo seeks out repertoire that showcases the unique character of their ensemble from virtuoso transcriptions from the Romantic era to unique contemporary pieces from around the world that push the boundaries of their instruments.

 Recording project in progress for release in Fall 2017.